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Whether you're thinking of upgrading from your current vehicle to something shiny and new, or you want some extra money in your pocket, trading it in at Westcott Mazda is the way to go! We can help you value your trade-in and learn more about the process that walks you through a simple and easy sale of your current vehicle. Use our no-obligation online trade-in tool to get started!

How Does the Appraisal Process Work?

There are a few steps to work through when you're looking to sell or trade in your vehicle through Westcott Mazda. We want to ensure that you get top dollar for your vehicle, which is why we consider the following when performing an appraisal.

  • Interior and Exterior Condition
  • Any Modifications Made to the Vehicle
  • Make, Model, Model Year, and Mileage
  • Structural Condition
  • The Vehicle History Report for Any Accidents that Might Have Occurred
  • A Test Drive to Determine What Condition It's In

With our online trade-in assessment tool, you can get the ball rolling before you make the trip to our dealership. This tool provides an estimate that we can use to refine your offer and ensure you get the most back for your trade-in or sale. Whether you decide to trade-in or sell doesn't determine how much you'll get back for your vehicle - we'll buy from you regardless!

Selling vs. Trade-In

You might be wondering which method is the correct way to get the most back for your car, truck, or SUV. While both methods offer the same amount, it can depend on what you want from the experience of selling your vehicle.

A trade-in is ideal if you're looking to upgrade on the spot, and a Mazda is the right solution for you. Our team can help apply that amount towards the down payment on your new vehicle, allowing you to enjoy smaller monthly payments and the ability to drive away today.

Selling your car is a great way to use the money as you see fit. You aren't obligated to use that money with us, and we'll cut you a check that you can pocket and use towards a new vehicle somewhere else or even on something entirely unrelated! The choice is yours - we're just here to ensure you get the most back for your sale!

Begin Your Trade-In

Private sales come with their fair share of headaches. You'll not only need to sell your car, but you'll also have to make any necessary repairs to get it road ready, advertise the sale, and meet with prospective drivers. Private buyers might also try to haggle with you on the price and can back out at any time, making it difficult to lock down a sale. We won't make you jump through hoops here at Westcott Mazda. We'll take care of everything and ensure that you have a smooth experience selling your vehicle or trading it in.

Give us a call today to learn more or start the offer online using our free estimator to determine how much your vehicle is worth!

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