SUV's and the Dangers of Hydroplaning

Sports utility vehicles (SUV's) are known for their toughness, durability, and ability to operate in adverse weather conditions. While these hardy vehicles certainly have their places, their tough capabilities may sometimes give their owners unrealistic performance expectations. In actuality, SUV's can be just as prone to the dangers of hydroplaning as other vehicles.

Hydroplaning takes place when water on roadways gets in between the treads and the road-surfaces. This water buildup can cause a complete loss of contact with the ground and a sudden loss of directional control.

While SUV tires tend to be wider and often feature larger lugs and deeper grooves, they can still hydroplane in deep enough water. The good news is, SUV operators can avoid this phenomenon by following some commonsense driving principles. These include slowing to safe speeds during wet weather operation and having all tires balanced and rotated regularly.

At Westcott Mazda, one of our specialties is rotating, balancing, servicing, and selecting tires. We would like to apply our skills on your behalf, and cordially invite you to visit our service center today for a free, no-obligation consultation about your suspension system needs.

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